Creativity in User Research<span class="badge-status" style="background:#f4524d">UXinsight</span> 

Creativity in User ResearchUXinsight 

User researchers work at the edge of technology, design, and everything that being human entails. We probe and study a dynamic world, using our skills to make the fuzzy tangible. For example, I often start with broad questions from the product team like, ‘How should we improve our software?’ and this can lead to various Read

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One-pagers in User Research — Notes on the book ‘Interviewing Users’<span class="badge-status" style="background:#F4524D">UXinsight</span> 

One-pagers in User Research — Notes on the book ‘Interviewing Users’UXinsight 

Last month, I finished reading Steve Portigal’s book on ‘Interviewing Users’. This article is about one of my major takeaways from the book, and how I applied it to a recent user study. The reason for reading the book was that I wanted to look inside the ‘head’ of another user researcher and potentially find Read

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