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Ane Sharma is a UX researcher at Schibsted, the biggest media group in Scandinavia. In her role, she plans and performs qualitative research for new initiatives as well as established brands. She also facilitates training sessions for colleagues from other disciplines who want to learn about UX research. Previously she was the user researcher at appear.in, a video chat startup.

Independent Consultant
Beant K Dhillon is an independent Sr. User Research and Usability consultant. She has worked on a wide variety of hardware and software products - from complex medical equipment spanning rooms to smartphone apps. She has led and trained multidisciplinary teams from the USA, Netherlands, Norway, Israel, Germany, China, and India. She has worked with users from more than 20 countries for end-to-end user research and usability activities, e.g., User Research, Task Analysis, Use Scenarios, Design Reviews, Co-create design sessions, User Testing, etc.
Beant is also an artist and you can find her work on Instagram.
User researcher at Spotify
Colette Kolenda is a mixed-methods User Researcher at Spotify. She enjoys combining qualitative and quantitative methods to deeply study research questions and fuel product decisions.
UX Researcher at

Inge works as a UX researcher at Online Department. 4 years ago she started as an intern and never left. Online Department is a UX agency with a strong focus on UX research. Inge conducts researches applying various methodologies for a great variety of clients. Inge is also Community Manager at UX People, a knowledge and career platform for UX professionals. She organizes and facilitates events and workshops for beginning UX Designers and Researchers.

Janelle Ward's research and consultancy expertise has focused on user-centered research in digital environments. She's spent 15 years researching the political youth user experience and the practices of dating app users. She's published widely on these topics and is an experienced lecturer and coordinator of academic and professional courses. Janelle is also an avid fiction writer.
UX researcher

Janneke Verhaegh is a UX researcher. Janneke has a background in Psychology as well as User-Centered Design. She joined Userproof after working as a researcher at Philips for ten years. Her expertise includes UX research with children and applications for healthcare.

UX researcher & founder at

Karin is a UX researcher in heart and soul. With a background in psychology, she worked as a practitioner for over almost 20 years.

She is the founder of Userproof, a research agency specialised in UX research and testing. In 2017 she started UXinsight, a yearly international conference in Europe dedicated to UX research. And she is the creator of the UXinsight Notes website.

UX Researcher/ Service Designer at

Kevin is a UX researcher currently in the employ of Idean. He is passionate about putting himself in his user's shoes and living their world as much as possible. Currently he is working with highly specialised users at the Royal Dutch Navy, where he is researching the world of Situation Awareness and fighting to improve the UX of warships.

I work as lead User Researcher at DUO. With a team of five researchers we conduct company wide research and coach other development teams to incorporate the user into their workflow. Next to my job I study at Willem de Kooning Academy where I use design research to find out which role empathy plays in the making of digital government.

Co-founder and UX Designer at

Marijke Dekker is Co-founder and UX Designer at Sticktail - a user insights platform. Her mission is to help companies to be (more) user-centered by giving them the tools and skills to collect and share all their user insights within the organization. Before she started with Sticktail, she worked at Valsplat (a user-centered design consultancy) as a UX Designer & Researcher.

UX Researcher at

Nathalie Jonkers is a UX Researcher at Schibsted Media Group, the largest media group in Scandinavia. She is based in Oslo where she gives advice to digital news product teams on how to perform user research to create products and features the readers need. Further, Nathalie executes different methods of user research often at the beginning of a project. Her research on young newsreaders and their behaviour was key to the success of the news app Peil that targets newsreaders who find it difficult to follow the news.

She holds a Master degree in Applied Cultural Analysis from the University of Copenhagen and has a bachelor in Anthropology. Before working at Schibsted, Nathalie worked as a user researcher on various projects, one of them being a startup of the Norwegian multinational telecommunication company Telenor. Nathalie’s speciality is performing and analysing discovery phase research, in particular with younger news readers, children and young adults.

UX/Design Researcher at KPN

Renée is very interested and curious about the acceptance and interaction between user and technology. With a background in Human Factors and Engineering Psychology, she started working as the first UX Researcher within the digital environment at KPN. Together with a team of UX and Visual designers, they made research part of the design process.

UX/Design Research Consultant at Mixit | Website

Segourney is a UX Researcher currently working at Mixit. Coming from Telecom where she did research for websites, apps and even TV she is making a transition into the area of the digital workplaces. In all these different fields her main interest still comes back to: How do people use these products and services, how do they influence their daily life and how can this experience be maintained and/or enhanced.

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