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Join us in our mission to further grow the UX research field. We simply can’t do this without your support and help. Let’s share notes and work together. This will allow our entire knowledge community to grow and learn much quicker. Can we count on you to help us reach our goal?

How can you contribute?


Perhaps you have a brilliant idea on how to approach a typical UX research-related problem? Or have tried a new testing method, or created one yourself? Are you experimenting with a new strategy? Maybe you have taken an interesting course, or read an inspiring book?

Don’t just keep it to yourself—share it with the UX research community. Your peers can learn from your experience, but also help you to sharpen your thoughts by asking questions or adding their own experiences to the mix. We can use our collective brainpower to address larger themes in our field, such as growing the UX maturity of your company, sharing insights and evaluating the UX of your company’s products or services.

UXinsight notes offers you a platform to do all of this. It is a single, online platform where we, as UX researchers, can share our experiences, and things that interest and inspire us, as well as stay informed about new tools, jobs, events, books or courses.

1. Write articles and share with other researchers


Why would you write an article? An article is potentially the most efficient means for disseminating your research and establishing a publication record. Our platform can increase the geographical spread of your research, reinforcing the importance of articles in creating and furthering your research reputation.

2. Report on good stuff from others that you think deserves attention


Have you read an article that sparked a thought? Listened to an inspiring podcast? Totally agreed or disagreed with a model that another researcher presented? Then share it with the community by writing a report.

In a typical report you first tell the readers a bit about the article’s context. You talk about the message that resonated with you, and why, and then offer your own thoughts and experience on the topic, before concluding with a link to the original source(s).

A typical report consists of about 125-250 words.

3. Recommend new books, courses or events


If you have discovered a new course, book or event that is relevant for the UX research community, but is not listed yet, please let us know. We will take a look and if we agree that it’s relevant for our readers, we will put it online.

If you are a publisher, trainer or writer and want some extra publicity for your course, book or event, please take a look at our advertising options.

4. Sponsor this initiative


There are several ways to support us through sponsorship. You may want to publish a sponsored article, share your training or course, or post a job on our jobboard.

You’ll be able to reach an expert audience within UX research via your contribution to UXinsight notes.

Or, if you sympathise with our mission, you may just want to be our friend!